Digital-Tutors Quick Start to ZBrush Learning Path FREE this Weekend


Make time this weekend to watch free introductory ZBrush training from Digital-Tutors as they open up two exclusive courses.

Digital-Tutors’ recently-released Quick Start to ZBrush takes a very methodical, step-by-step, approach to covering the tools and techniques that are most important in enabling you to get up and running in ZBrush quickly. Each volume of a Quick Start builds upon the previous volume, enabling us to progressively build up a complex project into a finished state.

In the free-this-weekend Volumes 1-2, you’ll cover the basics of getting started working in ZBrush. You’ll start in Volume 1 and learn about navigation and the interface, cover methods of working with primitive geometry and subdividing geometry and learn about working with multiple SubTools, strokes and alphas, and masking. At the end of each Volume, you’ll have a chance to practice the topics covered to start applying your new skills to your own work.

In Volume 2, you will learn about advanced primitive creation techniques, covering the important topic of Polygroups and look at methods for modifying geometry. You’ll also learn some character-specific sculpting techniques in addition to an automatic method for recreating a mesh’s topology. Other topics include using Panel Loops, working with stencils and modifying our strokes in different ways.

Make sure to take advantage of the free training and over three hours of powerful introductory content.

Visit the free training page and start learning ZBrush this weekend!

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