UGM Recap: Naughty Dog


In case you couldn’t be in attendance for our Naughty Dog UGM here on the grounds of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, sink your teeth into the recap video featuring Michael Knowland, Bradford Smith and Frank Tzeng at our UGM Page. These guys were part of the incredible team that brought us the hit game, “The Last of Us”.

To kick things off, Michael demonstrated his approach to sculpting realistic cloth for games. Next up, Brad took us into the realm of environment props with a demonstration on tiling-textures for production. Some of the key features used in his workflow include ZRemesher and Micro-Mesh. Last up for the evening was Frank with a showcase of his methods for sculpting realistic human faces.

Michael, Bradford and Frank left no stone unturned with their in depth presentations of typical workflows in the lives of production artists. If you’re looking to take your sculptures to higher levels of realism, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to watch these industry pros in action. Be sure to keep your eyes on our events calendar for upcoming events!

Watch the video recap here.

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