CG Society Contest: Creatures CGPortfolio Mini-Challenge


You know the only thing wrong with the holiday season? Not enough monsters. Luckily, between now and the 23rd of December, CGSociety is giving you the chance to upload as many creepy, slimy, toothy, hairy, leggy, scaly, craggy, smelly, weird or just plain scary (or even beautiful) beings as your heart desires.

Your creatures can be 2D or 3D – they can be WIPs or fully realised – they can be whatever you like. You just need to upload them to your CGPortfolio before December 23rd 2013 and put them in the “Creatures” category.

After this date, the five judges (all contributors to The Essence – Creatures ) will each choose their favorite piece, and tell us why they like it. There are no other criteria – it’s entirely up to them (and their decisions are final!)

Winners will receive a free slip-case copy of The Essence – Creatures, a years’ free CGSConnect Membership and a free CGTOD of their choice. Your CGPortfolio will also be showcased via CGSociety’s social media.

The judges are:
Bryan Wynia
Josh Herman
Martin Rezard
Jim Van Den Bogart
Ian Joyner

Happy uploading! Post any questions in this thread (or links to your CGPortfolio, if you like).

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