Generations: Abdullah And Khalid Al Muharraqi


The “father-son” combo of Abdullah and Khalid Al Muharraqi are set to make history on the island of Bahrain on March 3, 2014. The evening gala will see the duo exhibit a collection of their works inside the Shaikh Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Kalifa Center for Culture and Research. The Center for Culture and Research is a leading institution in the preservation and advancement of art in the region. With a reputation that extends as far as France, Korea and Spain to name a few, the two artists are poised to continue the tradition of excellence associated with their work through the generations in this first ever “father-son” show. You may already be familiar with the work of Khalid, whose dynamic ZBrush sculptures were featured in an Artist Interview on ZBrushCentral. If you are in the area, the show is a must see!

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  1. I do respect these artists. Unfortunately I have no chance to go to Bahrain yet :(. I wish I could… But I am happy that I had a chance to visit and work at Muharraqi Studios couple of years ago. The memories with Mr. Khalid is unforgettable. Best wishes to them!!! They definitely deserve respect as an artist and a MAN!!! Hats off to them!!!
    Good Luck!!!

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