3D Artist magazine issue 78


The latest issue of 3D Artist magazine celebrates the launch of ZBrush 4R7 with a 7-page special feature, plus a 3-page review, 7-page tutorial, and 3 hours of videos.

‘Return of the King: ZBrush 4R7’ is the title of the magazine’s software feature in this issue, taking an in-depth look at what 3D Artist has touted “the biggest software upgrade of the year”. Contributors include Daniel Bystedt, Joseph Drust, Joannis Karathomas, Ryan Kingslien, Geert Melis, Tristan Schane, David Schuktz, and Maarten Verhoeven.

A fantastic ‘Build a Robot in ZBrush’ step-by-step tutorial heads up the ‘Pipeline’ section of the magazine. Written by Mariano Tazzioli, the detailed article comes complete with downloadable tutorial files to help you follow along with the artist.

In issue 78, you’ll also find a glowing review of ZBrush 4R7! Piotr Rusnarczyk has reviewed the upgrade for 3D Artist, awarding it 5 out of 5 stars for features, performance, design, and value for money. He reported: “The truth is that after a few hours of fun with ZModeler, we forgot about GoZ entirely. Model editing is a pleasure with ZModeler. The simplifications are great: we can control the grid direction by using the tip of our pen and the menu is hidden under the space bar. ZBrush’s programming team have created new tools with the user’s workflow in mind.”

Find out what else Piotr had to say about ZBrush 4R7 in 3D Artist magazine issue 78, on sale now.


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