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Perception NYC was tasked to create a larger-than-life monument of the heroes for Avengers: Age of Ultron. After pitching several concepts to Marvel, a design of a grand, heroic, rock-carved monument was selected for Age of Ultron’s main-on-end titles featuring a sweeping camera shot around the marble-like sculpture.

The characters were modeled in ZBrush before basic rigs were applied in Maya to create the desired poses. “We’d then hand that off to the ZBrush guys and they would go in and do stuff like fixing things,” said Lead Artist Doug Appleton in an interview with fxguide. “For example, we made sure Iron Man’s panels weren’t going to bend when he stretches his arm out. The artists would straighten it out and make it look like a solid piece of metal that wouldn’t be deforming in any weird way.”

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  1. Beautiful. Great idea, well executed. ZBrush artists should form guilds and have secret handshakes like the masons of old. 🙂

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