Pixologic is pleased to bring you the #AskZBrush system — an exciting new way to get answers to your feature questions!

AskZBrush Lead In

Using Twitter, simply ask a question using the hashtag #AskZBrush. Our experts @Pixologic will review all questions and follow up with a short video answering the best questions. The #AskZBrush system is set up to provide answers to questions that would generate 3-10 minute videos.

Our specialists won’t answer broad training or tutorial-type questions such as, “How do I sculpt a full character?” Rather they will focus on specific questions like, “How can I sculpt on thin pieces of geometry?” or “How can I display reference images with SpotLight?”

Keeping the question simple and specific will increase the chance of your question being answered!

To learn more about #AskZBrush, please visit the official ZBrushCentral thread here

#AskZBrush YouTube channel 

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  1. Is it any way I can hold all my subtools and move them in the canvas?For example I mark all subtools and then be able to rotate and drag the different meshes without draging each of the subtools one by one?

  2. i have some question about 3D Gizmo, i did the tutorial in zclassroom to use 3d gizmo and rotate the object, but when i followed the tutorial i found that theres no button like that in my zbrush. the button is bettween the rotate and Mrgb and its a circle with triangle inside. hope u may help guys

  3. The Gizmo 3D is only available in ZBrushCore. It will be available in ZBrush 4R8 when released.

  4. Hey Zbrush, when i append a sphere and enter in Zsketch mode to draw freely with spheres, is there to change the sphere brush to different mesh, if not please add the option to draw freely with other shapes maybe including them using the insert mesh option. I believe this will unlock so many ideas by sketching freely with different shapes.

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