Pablo Muñoz Launches

ZBrushGuides Lead In

We are very excited to announce that Pixologic friend, artist and ZBrushCentral frequenter Pablo Muñoz has just launched his own website dedicated to ZBrush tutorials and guides based on his artistic process:!  Pablo is dedicating himself full-time to maintaining the website which will feature everything that he works on in ZBrush while giving detailed information on how he does what he does.

It pleases us to no end watching the ZBrush community grow and flourish on its own with artists supporting one another on their journey towards mastery of not only the technology, but the art of sculpture itself. We encourage everyone to add Pablo’s site to their bookmarks and keep the community growing! The world is getting very close to having 3D technology in more and more homes and we are proud to know that once that day is upon us, users will be able to find an amazing group of talented artists and mentors awaiting them the first time they type “ZBrush” into a search engine.

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