ZBrushCentral Highlights February 22-26

Feb 22 Lead In

We saw some great new artwork on ZBrushCentral last week! Click and comment on your favorites!

Luciana blog


The Lucania Warrior in a dynamic action pose by ZBrushCentral newcomer Jake Burstein! Stop by and show Jake some love! 

 Mabel blog

ZBrushCentral member Yury Muzyrya shares his tribute to Mabel Pines from Disney’s Gravity Falls! See more renders here!

Diablo blog Barbarian from Diablo III by ZBrushCentral member Douser 54. Great work! Love the armor!

Doutzen blog

Doutzen Kroes with horse by ZBrushCentral member Bluerain86. Great use of FiberMesh for the hair. See a brief breakdown here!

Viking 2 blogCharacter by ZBrushCentral member CG Paul made entirely in ZBrush! Concept by Adrian Smith. See more here!

Ryu blogZBrushCentral member Genggi created this fully articulated Ryu in ZBrush! See the 3D printed figure here!

 Turtleman blog

ZBrushCentral member Aleks Kirilenko created this Spiderman/Ninja Turtle hybrid for Comicon 2015. Find this interesting piece on Top Row!

 DKR Style blogZBrushCentral member Per Haagensen has posted the work he did on the character style guide for The Dark Knight Rises! Stop by and see all the amazing art he’s shared!

 Dock blogCarsten from Unique Voodoo Studio shares this great bust of a dock worker done in a traditional sculptural style. Looks like it was cut from stone!

Sabertooth blog

ZBrushCentral member Chris Patterson was commissioned to do this awesome Sabertooth model! See all angles here!

Pilot blogLet’s welcome new ZBrushCentral user Silvano Junior! This is his realtime character based on David Sladek’s Pilot concept!

Vehicle blogZBrushCentral member dikiy4eburator has provided a detailed video guide on vehicle concepts in ZBrush. Watch here! 

Headphones blogZBrushCentral member Edgar Marcocsek share another one of his well sculpted busts! See the series here! 


Nerdy blogZBrushCentral member Marcos Sampaio created this very nice geeky caricature! See the full piece here, it’s worth it! 

Thor blogZBrushCentral member Caleb Nefzen shares this Thor statue he worked on last year! Great work!

Nemesis blogWe’d like to welcome Bartlomiej “Bob” Plociennik to the ZBrush community!  Bob has been sculpting traditionally since the age of 12. Since making the move to digital, he has now, at the age of 21, started Nemesis Art Studio where he is already churning out sculpts with a distinct style and quality. View Bob’s first ZBrushCentral post!

Croc blogZBrushCentral member Luiz Alves worked on this beautiful concept for an Ecuadorian tourism agency. See the full series!

Bolo blogLikeness of martial arts actor Bolo Yeung by ZBrushCentral member Lunar Robot. Great anatomy and likeness!

Octo blogCome see ZBrushCentral member Jordi Garcia Pons’ journey from concept to final product for this octopus pendant! 

Female blogZBrushCentral member José Péricles conquers the challenges of sculpting the anatomy of an unconventional body type. Click to see!


Dark Phoenix blog


Dark Phoenix fan art by ZBrushCentral member Brandon Harper created as a 3D printable statue! Read about it’s creation here!

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