ZBrushCentral Highlights February 8-12

Feb 8 Lead In

We have some great artwork to show you for the second week of February! Stop by ZBrushCentral and let these artists know what you think!

Ultron blog

Posting to ZBrushCentral can actually jumpstart your career! See how ZBrushCentral member Joe Grundfast was hired to work on the latest Avengers film based on the popularity of his Top Row post from 2014!

C3PO blog

Evgeny Rusolovski shares his entry for the CG+ Star Wars Reimagined competition: African Totem C3PO! Breakdown here

Whimsy blog

Whimsy: a character sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Carlos Arranz based on a concept by Loish. Original character by SemiLex. Very cool Painted style!

Pirate Ghost blog

Undead Pirate by ZBrushCentral member KacShadow, based on concept art by Hanjianhao. Very well done! Love the mist from the eyes!

Witch 2 blog

The Witch: a new personal project by ZBrushCentral member Marina Chemeris. Click to see the full body of the model. Nice work!

 Landing blog

We are excited to see more artists using ZBrush to enhance their 2D artwork! ZBrushCentral member Gogi used ZBrush and KeyShot to create the base for this image which was then painted over. See more from this thread here

 Crows blogAnother Top Row post by ZBrushCentral artist James W Cain! Click to see the full size

 Droid A blog

New android concept by ZBrushCentral member Oleg Aleinikov. Deadpool vibes! See some 360 views here

Red Dragon blog The Great Red Dragon by ZBrushCentral member AdamSacco based on the painting by William Blake. Excellent!

Pendant blog This pendant was sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Cosmic.Ollie and cast in silver. Beautiful!

Bulldog Facebook


Bulldog by ZBrushCentral member Gael Kerchy. Stop by and see more from this promising artist!


Darth Sidious blog

Third place in the CG+ Star Wars Reimagined contest goes ZBrushCentral member Sina Pahlevani for this piece. Great job!


Parche blog


Atomic Delivery Parche Blacksmith Brother by ZBrushCentral member Kieran McKay. Concept by Sergi Brosa.

Centurion blog

‘Centurion’ by ZBrushCentral member PavelV. Great work! Love the details!


Manning blog


ZBrushCentral member Brian Baity strikes again with another member of his Creation Crib toy designs: Peyton Manning! 

Bird Girl blog

Bird Girl by ZBrushCentral member Damien Dozias. Concept by Katsuya Terada. Excellent work! looks like real ceramic!

Orc 2 blog

ZBrushCentral member SamThomas shares this cool Orc sculpt. Nice looking creature!

Hounds blog

This demon and his two hounds is the latest from ZBrushCentral member Javier Ureña. Great natural sense of motion here!

Barbarian blogBarbarian based on the art of Grafit Studio by ZBrushCentral member Sergey Romanenko. Nice work!

Siren blogSiren’s Lament by ZBrushCentral member Felipe Fontoura. Simply beautiful sculpt!

Aayla blogAayla the Jedi Youngling by ZBrushCentral artist Jeen Lih Lun for the Star Wars Reimagined contest

Stan blogStan Lee likeness by ZBrushCentral member Will Higgins. Amazing work! Short breakdown here

Lumber blogLumberjack by ZBrushCentral member Oleg Aleinikov. Great model! See breakdown here

Wild Hunt blogThe Witcher 3 fan art by ZBrushCentral member Henrik Campos. Quality work!

Atlas blogAtlas furniture decor modeled by ZBrushCentral member Leonid Kishchik. Beautiful sculpting here!

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