ZBrushCentral Highlights March 14-18

Mar 14 Lead In

Here are your ZBrushCentral highlights for the week of March 14-18! Remember to comment and vote for the ZBrushAwards!

Nerves FeaturedSee the incredible medical visualization and other work being done by ZBrushCentral member Dmitrij Leppée

Pen blogZBrushCentral member Jonathan Shaller shares his great Wacom stylus holder he 3D printed!

Black Science blogBlack Science fan art created by ZBrushCentral member Bin Li based on the comic! http://zbru.sh/1kz

Sculptris blogZBrushCentral member Pierre Rogers has created a set of 150 materials for ‪‎Sculptris‬! Check them out!

Punisher 2 blogZBrushCentral member Tyler Wilson shares this very cool rendition of The Punisher! Nice work!

 Negresco blog

Negresco the Cat:  This fun scene was made by by ZBrushCentral member Cautano Silva! Pics of the WIP here

Necro blog

Bloody Necromancer by ZBrushCentral member Glauco Longhi inspired by a concept by Fenghua Zhong

Soul blogZBrushCentral member Jrs3d made this character as a personal project using a Dynamesh sphere and Fibermesh! Watch a short video of the creation here! 

Peasant 2 blogCharacter by ZBrushCentral member Jccreation done for Blizzardfest. Very nicely done!

MechSketch blogAndy Tantowi Belzark shares more of his 3D paintovers sculpted in ZBrush! This one is the Gate Guardian!

Beast blogCreature concept by ZBrushCentral member Piotr Slomowicz. What a great design! See more of it here!

Farewell blogZBrushCentral member Ali Jalali finds himself on Top Row with this piece called Farewell made for Nocturna Models! Concept by Nekro.

BatBust blogZBrushCentral member Alterton hits the Top Row this week with some of the work he’s done for the collectible industry! Great job!

Itay blogZBrushCentral member Itay Schlesinger shares his latest work and it is looking good!

Lizard 2 blogLand Dragon: Speed sculpt creature concept by ZBrushCentral member InfestedIvy

Bronze 2 blogBronze bust sculpted in ZBrush by ZBushCentral member Cyrille Dethan without using the Smooth Brush! Watch the time-lapse here!

Gargoyle blogZBrushCentral member OrganizedChaos presents us with this gargoyle cast printed by Level52 Studios. Great stuff!

BBoys blogAwesome Beastie Boys caricature by ZBrushCentral member ArmyOfLee! Great likenesses and very stylish!

Asura blogAsura:  The latest personal work from ZBrushCentral member Pavee Keawmafai!

Journey blogZBrushCentral member Nimlot gives a sneak peek at what he’s working on for Artstation’s The Journey Challenge! Follow him on Twitch to watch him continue to work on the piece!

Raider blogLet’s welcome ZBrushCentral newcomer AdairPounds! What an amazing, dynamic piece. Make sure you see this one from every angle here!

Haz blogCollectible company ‘I Haz Toys’ share some of their latest work in the world of figurines! Check them out here!

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