ZBrushCentral Highlights April 25-29

Apr 25 Lead In

As April draws to a close, we have no shortage of great ZBrush art and news for you! Here are last week’s highlights for ZBrushCentral!

Edu blogAre you not yet familiar with the free educational resources Pixologic provides to help you learn ZBrush inside and out? Read all about it in this article over at The Rookies!

Cobra blogNew personal work by ZBrushCentral member AmruthRaju! See a breakdown of the model here!

Frog 2 blogGolden poison dart frog on leaf by ZBrushCentral member Thure Kock. Excellent job on this one! Very natural looking.

Elf copyAwesome Princess Mononoke fan art by ZBrushCentral member Julien Desroy! Great work!

DragonRing blogZBrushCentral member Nacho Riesco shares a bit about his process for this dragon ring! See the breakdown here!

Leoric blogLeoric: a real time character by ZBrushCentral member Gilberto Magno. Excellent job! Find it now on Top Row!

LionPendant blogLion pendant sculpted and 3D printed by ZBrushCentral member Jackeety. Beautiful design!

Game blogZBrushCentral member Andor Kollar shares some incredible game characters he’s created! Check them out!

Siberian blogSiberian Shaman: by ZBrushCentral member Darya Laryukhina. Amazing!

Xenomorph blogZBrushCentral member Stephane Faure sculpted and 3D printed this fantastic Dog Alien using ZBrush! See the whole project on ZBrushCentral!

FrankenApe blogZBrushCentral member TMNLVision made this guy based on Carlos Huante’s Frankenstein for a Mold3D workshop!

Franky blogZBrushCentral member Pablo Munoz demonstrates his “Double Action” brushes on this Frankenstein sketch. Excellent skin textures!

Cake blogZBrushCentral member Peter Ang share some of his recent work including this great dessert scene! It’s hard not to feel hungry looking at this one!

Division blogZBrushCentral member Johannes Larsson shares work he did as a character and weapon artist on Tom Clancy’s The Division! 

The Atom FacebookZBrushCentral member Gabriel Martins shares his take on DC Comics’ The Atom. Great interpretation of the suit!

Grommash blogGrommash Hellscream fan art by ZBrushCentral member John Doromal. Looking incredible!

UberVibe blogZBrushCentral member Antonis Papantoniou shares character concepts he did on a project called UberVibe

Gio Lead InSee the impressive results of Gio Nakpil’s 8 week Master Organic Modeling Class with Mold3D Academy!

BatLight blogZBrushCentral member Rakib shares his 3D interpretation of the Frank Miller Batman! Nice!

Weapons copyZBrushCentral member Gina Fogle has shared some nice weapon designs, check them out!

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