ZBrushCentral Highlights May 30

May 30 Lead In

ZBrushCentral artists are starting off June with a bang! See the great stuff they’ve been cooking up!

NightStalker blogNight Stalker from DOTA 2 by ZBrushCentral member FunkyBoy. See a full breakdown here! 

ChefHulk blogHungry Hulk: a new original piece by ZBrushCentral member Aram Vardazaryan. Great concept!

Serpent God blogSerpent God: by ZBrushCentral member Fredo Bernardo. You must come take a closer look at this one to see the details!

Fusion TIFF File
Fusion TIFF File

Jeff Bridges likeness by ZBrushCentral member Frix. Great job on this one!

RedMech blogZBrushCentral member Chalian shares this mech armor as a personal project. See the full progression of the model here!

Torq blogTorq Angex: Armenian mythological hero sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Aram Vardazaryan

Polaris 2 blogZBrushCentral member Marlon Nuñez shares his 1/4 scale Polaris figure! Excellent work!

StarCrib blogZBrushCentral member Brian Baity added some familiar faces to his Creation Crib! More here!

Goro blogZBrushCentral member Bernard Benetau shares his incredible professional work here!

Chess blogZBrushCentral member Caleb Nefzen makes it to Top Row with this awesome chess set! See it here!

MGO blogZBrushCentral member Abraham Valdez shares work from Metal Gear Online! More here!

Abe blogAbraham Lincoln portrait by ZBrushCentral member Shonen. Top notch work here!

Jade blogZBrushCentral member Zhelong Xu Shares this beautiful jade dragon sculpt which has landed on Top Row!

RedDread blogThis impressive armor suit is by ZbrushCentral member UltraVD. Great job!

Utopika blogZBrushCentral member Damian Jara has just shared a taste of his recent work!

UndeadGuardian blogUndead Guardian: latest work by ZBrushCentral member Saitiago Betancur for Libel Studios!

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