Watch World Class Illustrators Use ZBrush to Improve their Work

2D 3D Lead In

More and more artists are discovering that ZBrush is not only a great tool for creating 3D art, but an indispensable aid for creating compelling 2D art as well. Illustrators are using ZBrush to quickly develop concepts for their 2D artwork which allows them to not only change ideas on the fly, but also test lighting, angles and perspective without having to re-illustrate the piece for each different version. With the power of 3D sculpting, artists with a drawing background can quickly use the skills they already have to turn their tablet and stylus into stone and chisel to breathe new life into their work.


Learn more about how artists are implementing ZBrush into their 2D workflow and how you can too at our new ZBrush for Illustrators site!

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