ZBrush Used to Create Beautiful Game of Thrones Doors

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ZBrushCentral member Kieran McKay had the honor of being commissioned to design six beautiful, highly ornate doors to commemorate the latest season of Game of Thrones. Each door depicts a particular episode and features scenes and characters from each. The designs were sculpted entirely in ZBrush to facilitate the creation of intricate designs requiring much detail. The meshes were then decimated and exported to a CNC machine in order to carve each design into wood bringing the designs to life and doing so beautifully!

GoT Door ZBrush

The doors were unveiled during Northern Ireland’s Game of Thrones Territory Campain, the final one being in Belfast after the live airing of the final episode of this season.


See Kieran’s ZBrushCentral post on┬áthe project and view more stunning images of the work!

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  1. I love game of thrones and 3d printers! That is a really high quality print very detailed i am very impressed. Really good job to the maker and i say keep printing. Nice article!


  2. It’s basically one way of keeping the GOT fever in Northern Ireland. These are such unique ideas that makes the place a GOT territory indeed! And they are not just simple doors for they are intricately made at that. Thumbs up to the makers and worth taking pictures with as a GOT fan.

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