3D4Medical Creates Acclaimed 3D Anatomy App

MedVis Lead In

ZBrushCentral member Gusztav Velicsek is the head of 3D at his company 3D4Medical who have released the educational application Complete Anatomy. The app was presented at the 2015 Apple keynote after which it was named overall winner of the Apple Design Award 2016, beating over 2 million apps and becoming the #1 top grossing app in over 141 countries.

At 3D4Medical we love to use ZBrush in our workflow and we use it on daily basis. The full skeletal system was sculpted with ZBrush under supervision of medical experts. While working with medical professionals on 3D models, flexibility is a key aspect of the workflow and using the right tools was essential.

Read more about Complete Anatomy and see more screenshots here on ZBrushCentral!

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