Making of Godzilla Resurgence

Shin Godzilla Lead In


The recent Japanese film Shin Godzilla or Godzilla Resurgence as it’s titled in English, is a VFX powerhouse that looks very impressive! The style and look of the film is quite different from it’s American counterparts and aims to keep with the Japanese filmmaking style that seems to suit the film well. Have a look at some of the films special effects work in the video below and keep an eye out for the ZBrush model for the legendary lizard!


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  1. Overall some really cool looking shots and breakdowns. Not a fan of this version of Godzilla model; looks excessively wrinkly and just doesn’t seem like it animated well. The tanks looks awesome however and the shot driving along under Godzilla seemed to be composited really nicely with those overhead power lines.

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