ZBrushCentral Highlights December 12-16

Dec 12 Lead In

Great stuff this December! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite ZBrushCentral artwork to be in the running for next year’s ZBrushAwards!

Horse 2 TwitterThis horse is just one piece of a Top Row thread by ZBrushCentral member Steve Lord. See the rest here!

Scar TwitterNew bust featuring a custom IMM Brush for the hair by ZBrushCentral member Vincent Ménier.

 Flint FacebookJack Sparrow’s Flintlock Pistol: by ZBrushCentral member Suphawat Mukcharoen. Beatiful details!

 Bride TwitterThe Bride: a lovely piece by ZBrushCentral member Francis-Xavier Martins. Great work!

 Ake FacebookAke: character by ZBrushCentral member Boris Joanovic. Concept by Daeho Cha

Dis FacebookSee all of the amazing Disney character sculpts by ZBrushCentral member Itay Schlesinger here!

Furio TwitterWant a chance to own a resin statue of this awesome piece by Furio Tedeschi? Click here to see how!

Hanza FacebookHanza: an original reinterpretation of the Overwatch character Hanzo by ZBrushCentral member Jason Hill. Breakdown here!

Lunar FacebookLunar Suit: click to see more of the first post for ZBrushCentral member Colton Orr!


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