How Dropbox’s Company Mascot was Born

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Daniel De Leon is an accomplished Los Angeles based 3D artist with an increasingly impressive resumé. His work can be seen in the form of larger than life statues such as a 16 foot tall statue of Moses standing in Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster, PA and most recently, the official Dropbox mascot residing in their corporate headquarters, a giant chrome panda, which he designed. With accomplishments like these as well as the popularity of his Jurassic World raptor collectible among many others, we’re sure to be seeing more of Daniel’s work in the public eye. In addition to his professional achievements, Daniel will also have a course available through the Gnomon School of Visual Effects: “Mastering Desktop 3D Printing for the 3D Artist” available January 2017.

We had the chance to speak with Daniel about the Dropbox Panda project and a bit about his process. Click here for the full story

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