Scott Eaton Presents Bodies in Motion

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Recently, Pixologic friend and multi-talented artist Scott Eaton has launched his latest project Bodies in Motion. For those familiar with Scott’s work, he is known for his world class knowledge and expertise in the area of human anatomy. Through extensive study, he has come to be very skilled at sculpting the human form. Also being an accomplished photographer, Scott decided there simply is not enough art or reference out there depicting the human body in various forms of complex motion presented in a high quality that can serve as not only a piece of art, but invaluable resource for those looking to increase their knowledge of anatomy in order to add a deeper level of realism and accuracy to their own art.

Through a lengthy process of high speed photography using athletes and models performing physical sequences that go beyond common static poses, Scott has created Bodies in Motion which you can learn more about on the official website. If you’re looking to step up your anatomy game or simply appreciate great photography, you’ll want to check this out!

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