ZBrushCentral Highlights February 20-24

Feb 20 Lead In

February continues on with an incredible collection of artwork from our artist friends on ZBrushCentral! After you’ve taken a look at these pieces and voted for them in this year’s ZBrushAwards, be sure to catch up on what you may have missed on ZBrushLIVE last week!

Beardy TwitterUyghur Man: character by ZBrushCentral member NurshatCG. See more of the model!

GuardianAngel TwitterGuardian Angel: this elegant piece was sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Henry Chervenka.

Cute TwitterCute Girl: sculpt by ZBrushCentral member Gabriel Reis. Concept by Cassandra Calin. Find a breakdown in the original post!

MonkeyKing 2 FacebookMonkey King: game character created by ZBrushCentral member Iniyan Vijay as a personal project. Looking good!

CyberE FacebookCyber Ecstasy: check out a detailed breadkdown for this great piece by ZBrushCentral member Sudhan!

Buu 2 FacebookMajin Buu: Dragon Ball fan art by ZBrushCentral member Ackeem Durrant.

Luna FacebookLuna: character designed and sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Andy Lee as a personal project. Excellent work!

Guitarist FacebookAngry Guitarist: the latest piece by ZBrushCentral member Mansoor Mohammed. Concept by João Henrique Pachêco. Very cool!

JokerBust FacebookJoker bust by ZBrushCentral member Maycon Andrade. See a textured version here!

Gandalf TwitterGandalf the Grey: sculpt by ZBrushCentral member Hossein Diba. Excellent work!

Finned FacebookFinned alien creature by ZBrushCentral member David Aucourt for Gio Nakpil’s Master Organic Modeling Workshop. Concept by Anastasios Gionis

TheButcher Insta HDBill the Butcher: fan art for the film Gangs of New York by ZBrushCenral member Leandro Alves. Incredible!

Parasol FacebookIllustration style character created by ZBrushCentral member Alexandre Fiolka. Concept by Allessandro Barbucci.

MJW FacebookMichael Jai White: likeness by ZBrushCentral member Nirmalendu Paul.

 Venom TwitterVenom: statue created by ZBrushCentral member Jesse Sandifer for Prime1 Studio. Beautiful design!

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