ZBrush 4R8 Beta Testers Gallery

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Even before the first reveal of ZBrush 4R8 at last year’s ZBrush Summit, the beta testing team was already hard at work putting the new features through their paces. Not only did they seek to find and report any issues, they also provided constant feedback for how to refine the features for versatility and ease of use.

In a way, the process has been a kind of torture for them — they have wanted so very badly to spill the beans to you! Now that ZBrush 4R8 has actually been released, we’re giving them that opportunity.

In this thread, many of the beta testers have collected some of their favorite images created while beta testing the new version. We all hope that you will be able to use the artwork as inspiration for your own projects. At the same time, many have provided insights into the new features as well as some very useful tips and tricks.

We hope that you will reply to the thread to share your appreciation with the team. It’s been a long time coming, but a job very well done!

Visit the ZBrushCentral thread here and leave a comment!

-Cheers, The Pixologic Team

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