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More of our favorite art from the ZBrushers on ZBrushCentral! Which piece is your favorite?

Luffy TwitterLuffy from One Piece – by Zhiar Ahmed

Apocalypse TwitterApocalypse on Throne 1/4 statue – by Claudio Saavedra

DragonStatue TwitterDragon Statue – by Zhelong XU

Armor TwitterArmored Suit – by Jason Ahn

SpaceWarrior TwitterSpace Warrior – by Yutaka Kasama

Mech TwitterMech warrior – by Tanbeen Amin

Quiggly TwitterQuiggli – by Borislav Kechashki, concept by Jeff Merghart

Kisame TwitterKisame and Samehada – by Dmitriy Kononenko

DragonWarrior TwitterThe Dragon and the Warrior – by WangHaoyu

Cable TwitterCable from X-Men – by Alejandro Pereira


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