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Here’s a taste of what you can find at ZBrushCentral currently! Click on your favorites to see more and leave a comment!

Fib TwitterFiboberto – by Mickael Lelièvre. Concept by Ayran Oberto

Goblin TwitterGoblin Miniature – by James W. Cain

Kangas TwitterKangaskhan – by Jorge Acevedo Dall’Orso

Lobster TwitterHomarus Americanus – by Dariusz Andrulonis

Dress TwitterGuiditta – by Leonid Kishchik. Original painting by Giorgione De Castelfranco

Hunter TwitterWitcher Hunter – by Jakub Chechelski

Tat TwitterThe Zombie Boy – by Cy Dethan

Saturn TwitterSaturnoid – by Snehal Gopal

Ship TwitterThe Last Ghost Ship – by Henry Chervenka

Aire TwitterCall Sign: AIRE – by Kurt Boutilier

TwitterDecorative Pendant – by Alex Dubnoff

Punpkin TwitterThe True Pumpkin – by Rafael Mesquita. Concept by Servando Lupini

Strife TwitterLady of Strife – by Miguel Hernandez Urbina

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