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Here are more recent highlights directly from ZBrushCentral! See any work you like? Leave a comment for the artist!

Bot TwitterBroken Cyborg – by Christian Johnson

Chun TwitterChun Li – by Giovanni Roschini

DeathNote TwitterDeath Note concept art – by Luca Nemolato

Flood TwitterHex Beasts – by Brandon Beren

Girl TwitterLaia Lopez portrait – by Tiffany Ribera-McKay

Hog TwitterWarthog – by Cy Dethan

JoJo Twitter[TopRow] Star Platinum vs Hierophant Green – by Wandah Kurniawan

Lol TwitterJax: League of Legends statue – by Michael Milano

Metroid TwitterChozo Statue from Super Metroid fan art – by David Schultz

Mime TwitterThe Clown – by Aritz Basauri

Peg TwitterPegasus – by Mostafa Behdad

Pipe TwitterVeteran Army Man – by Ranjit Ghosh

Tractor Twitter[Top Row, Breakdown] Case Tractor 830 Series – by Tamotsu Kishida

Troll TwitterSalvation – by Gong Qi

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