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Skel Lead In

Madeleine Scott-Spencer recently sculpted this highly detailed, anatomically accurate human skeleton based on extensive study of cadavers and anatomy texts. She has a provided a free ZTL file for you to download and use as reference!

This model was created as an anatomical study to help understand and study human anatomy. Built from simple polygon base meshes the sculpting process was supported by 50 hours of cadaver lab dissections, forensic bone manuals, the anatomical reference materials from, and an actual human skeleton. I have since used it as a guide for designing multiple characters and find it to be a wonderful resource.

Download the human skeleton ZTL file by Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Visit Madeleine’s website –


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  1. Just a big thank you to Madeleine Scott-Spencerfor having made this amazing piece of work for free. I work in a non-for-profit NGO related to Osteoporosis disease and this skeleton will help me to communicate to continu to raise awareness around the disease. Big thank you Madeleine Scott-Spencer!!!!!

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