Artist Uses 3D Sculpted Heads for Characters in a New Book!

Stefan G. Bucher has done something with ZBrush that we have never seen before! He’s used 3D sculpted models as the characters in his new printed book LetterHeads published by Unnamed Press. He has even included a making of video to show his process for creating the heads, which you can find below!

Stefan G Bucher’s LetterHeads is a graphic design book for creatives of literally any age, celebrating diversity and inspired by the people of the artist’s hometown of Los Angeles. Infused with unique personalities, surrounded by playful vocabulary and an intriguing color palette, the letters reflect just how alive language truly is. The use of ground-breaking 3D technology acts as a link to not just the future of letterform creation, but creativity itself.

You can visit Stefan’s website to learn more and even purchase a signed copy of the book!

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