Making of Award Winning Short Film ‘Hybrids’

The six minute short film Hybrids, recently named best in show at the 2018 SIGGRAPH, has received over twenty awards, including top honors at Stiges, Stuttgart and Colcoa, as well as a VES Award for outstanding effects in a student project.

Directed by MoPA students Florian Brauch, Kim Tailhades, Matthieu Pujol, Yohan Thireau and Romain Thirion, you can now view the film online on Vimeo!


The beautifully animated film explores the plight of sea creatures reacting to ocean pollution and how they integrate it into their own natural defenses. ZBrush was utilized in the sculpting process to create the models adding to the great detail exhibited throughout the film.

Watch the making-of video below:


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