China’s Art Schools are Creating World Class 3D Artists

You may have been noticing the increasing amount of extremely high quality 3D artwork coming from artists in China in the last year or two. It may surprise you to know that most of it are merely class projects being created by first year students new to ZBrush and CG art! As it turns out, the film and gaming industries in China are growing rapidly with an ever increasing demand for talented artists. To meet demands, art schools throughout the country have been developing intense, fast-paced programs to teach students professional grade skills including modeling, topology, UV, texturing, lighting, rendering and more that will make each student industry ready at the completion of their training.

Recently, Dong Chao, the founder of YCF, one of the leading online art schools in Xiamen, China shared his students’ ZBrush work with the community on ZBrushCentral. Chao’s course is twenty-two weeks long and includes comprehensive training, including student coursework which are treated as commercial projects in terms of their quality requirements.

See some examples of YCF student work below and be sure to visit ZBrushCentral to see much, much more!

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