ZBrushCore Mini: So Easy, a 2nd Grader Can Use It!

In Japan, a 2nd grader in elementary school learned how to make a model ready for 3D printing using ZBrushCore Mini by herself.

The model was made in ZBrushCore Mini and by using the 3D printer, she was able to make a cat model from scratch.

Parent (twitter @namchan_koushi) mentions she mostly did it by herself, she sanded the surface after printing, then applying paint, sticking the whiskers with glue.

She spent her 3 hours sculpting and watching the tutorial video, 5 hours to print, 1 hour to sand, 1hour and a half to paint, 30 minutes to glue the whiskers.

Now she’s able to make the cat in 2 minutes.

The hardest part was the cat’s face, she mentions. When she sculpted the cat’s face, because the angle made it look like the cat was angry, she tried again and again to get the shape to match what she wanted. She mentions the tool made it easier to redo the design in the process and she is happy with the result

The only thing the parent supported was to enable her to view the YouTube video, because she was only able to watch YouTube Kids, and informing her how to use the tools, prepping the tools. That was mostly it. Parent wanted to teach her more, but she refuses to get too much information beforehand.


Tools used


Old PC Microsoft Surface – bought from Yahoo Auction

3D Software

ZBrushCoreMini (free!)

3D Printer

Snapmaker 2.0


YouTube -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCof-CZLA6kEvy8YsOLAZ1GQ


The parent mentioned the pc was bought from Yahoo auction around 50,000JPY(around 480USD) and bought as a birthday present when she became a first grader.

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