Bomper Studio directs a stylised, psychedelic music video for Foo Fighters’ ‘Chasing Birds’ track



“After working on the music video for ‘No Son of Mine’, RCA approached Bomper Studio looking for a whimsical film for the dreamy and immersive track ‘Chasing Birds’. Described as “weird and mellow” by keyboardist Rami Jaffee, the initial brief was to explore motifs within the song through taking the band on a psychedelic, technicolour journey; reminiscent of The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’.

To achieve the style, Bomper used Arnold for rendering as it was best suited for the key line approach. Cinema4D was used for all rigging, animation, modelling and texturing; other than Zbrush which was used for the character sculpts. For the characters, achieving likeness within the style was key, without pushing towards caricature. For this, the team looked to celebrity animation from the 1970’s, such as ‘Yellow Submarine’ and Hanna-Barbera cartoons; in particular, episodes of Scooby Doo that included guest appearances which fit within the world.”

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