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New to ZBrush? This video is perfect to get a basic understanding of some of the features in ZBrush to help you get started in your next illustration.
David introduces the initial concept, layout and overall direction for the project while giving a brief outline of his career and artistic background.
The ZBrush user interface will provide you with an easy to understand and easy to navigate workspace. Everything you need to create is located around the digital canvas.
Kurt Papstein narrates over his entire presentation at the CTN Expo 2012. Follow along in Part 1 as he breaks down his process.
This video covers the basics of using MicroMesh to render out individual gems on a sphere. MicroMesh will convert each polygon face of the sphere into any mesh of your choice.
Welcome to ZClassroom! If you're visiting us for the first time, check out this video designed to show you how to navigate through all of the ZBrush educational content provided for free!

The Pixologic Team is devoted to ensuring you have the right learning resources at your disposal. With our in-depth video tutorials, you'll have access to important information on how to make the most of your ZBrush experience.

Pixologic's ZClassroom is a work in progress. We are constantly updating and including video tutorials to reflect the latest features and functions available inside ZBrush. Some of the topics mentioned herein are either under development, or soon to be released.

The ZClassroom website is now viewable on mobile devices. All you need is internet connectivity to access streaming videos online.


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