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FiberMesh gives you the capacity to create fur, fibers, grass, weeds and hair faster than ever before. You'll be amazed, by how easily you can produce complex hair systems. With the simple masking of certain regions of your model, you'll be ready to edit a whole host of settings to achieve exactly the look you are hoping for. With a specific set of brushes already pre-loaded inside ZBrush for use with fibers, there's no telling what you can create.

Video Lessons
FiberMesh Basics 
In this video, we introduce the basics of using FiberMesh. You'll get an overview of the user interface inside the FiberMesh SubTool palette.
Fiber Essentials 
In this video we will discuss and demonstrate the essential tricks to creating and editing a FiberMesh.

Model courtesy of Jelmer Boskma.
A Closer Look at FiberMesh 
Take a look at an in depth video of the Fibermesh slider parameters to take control of your Fibermesh creation process.
Morph Target Guided with FiberMesh 
Morph target guided, will allow you to bridge the gap between two states of your model. You'll also see how hair is generated from sculpted geometry using FiberMesh.
Rendering With FiberMesh 
Dive into this video on rendering fibers with BPR. We'll guide you through the features in the FiberMesh palette helping you achieve your desired look.
Fibers with MicroMesh 
Discover converting fibers into MicroMesh at render time. We'll examine the difference between using geometry and fibers with MicroMesh.
FiberMesh Tree Part 1 
In video lesson 1, we will explore building the foundation and structure of our tree using FiberMesh. Watch, as we generate a trunk using masking and the power of the FiberMesh control settings.
FiberMesh Tree Part 2 
Inside video lesson 2, we take a look at how to accentuate the overall design by generating leaves and flowers for our tree.
Textures with FiberMesh 
This video examines using textures in ZBrush with FiberMesh. Realize the benefit of using FiberMesh to generate geometry with textures applied.
FiberMesh Presets 
Watch as we demonstrate the use of FiberMesh presets. ZBrush comes fully equipped with the right tools to make using FiberMesh a simple process.

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