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Painting Techniques
In these video lessons we'll jump to life in vibrant color. Explore the painting possibilities inside ZBrush with the functionality of features like Polypainting. Take your sculptures to the next level by adding dynamic high resolution color information. You can even export your color maps for use in 3rd party applications.

Video Lessons
Curve Editable Polypaint 
Use the Curve Mode to apply paint along the surfaces of your 3d models while retaining control over placement, color, size, and even duplication of your stroke.
CTN Polypaint Demo Part 1 
Kurt Papstein narrates over his entire presentation at the CTN Expo 2012. Follow along in Part 1 as he breaks down his process.
CTN Polypaint Demo Part 2 
Part 2 sees Kurt dive deeper into the BPR Filters and Rendering system inside ZBrush 4r4 P2.

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