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Panel Loops
Since the introduction of Panel Loops, hard surface modeling has never been easier. This classroom is dedicated to expanding your knowledge on the multitude of features associated with them. Watch as we demonstrate the ability to use functions like polish sliders to create smooth surfaces with uniform contours inside this series of videos. You can also view the Pixolator's User Gallery on ZBrushCentral here Pixolator's User Gallery.

Video Lessons
Polish by Features Part 1 
Inside the Deformation Palette you will find the polish functions. Part 1 of this series demonstrates the ability to use the Polish by Features slider to better control your Panel Loops creation process.
Panel Loops Basics Part 2 
Follow along with Michael Pavlovich as he takes you through the basics of generating Panel Loops, as well as a few tricks for manipulating individual panels.
Panel Loop options Part 3 
Continuing on from the basics, see how the Panel Loops options will give you more flexibility to create additional hard surfaces. Michael also discusses the Frame Mesh capability with curves, to quickly increase the amount of detail to the object.
Panel Loop Options Extended Part 4 
Expanding on more Panel Loops options, Michael shows us different ways to multiply the amount of detail on your object. He also takes an in depth look at the Bevel Profile curve modifier.
Panel Loops Tire Creation Part 5 
The final addition in this series follows Michael as he uses all of the Panel Loops Features demonstrated in the previous videos to create a tire.
Panel Loops Jewelry Design Part 1 
Joseph Drust is back with this 5 Part Series of videos using Panel Loops to design a piece of jewelry. Part 1 will demonstrate how he sets up his Polygroups for Panel Loops. Enjoy!
Panel Loops Jewelry Design Part 2 
In this video you will see how to use a combination of Radial Symmetry, Polygroups, and Panel Loops to design interesting shapes for this piece of jewelry.
Panel Loops Jewelry Design Part 3 
Joseph continues on to create the jewel for this pendant, as well as using the polish functions to cleanup his design while taking advantage of the MatCap library.
Panel Loops Jewelry Design Part 4 
Joseph demonstrates how to use the Close Holes feature and add some finishing touches to the jewel.
Panel Loops Jewelry Design Part 5 
See the final product as Joseph uses Insert Mesh with Curve Functions to add a chain, an uses Noise Maker to bring this pendant to life.

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