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Projection Master
Projection Master gives you the ability to add high fidelity details to the surfaces of your models. In this video series, you'll gain insight into creating detailed environment assets in a quick and efficient way. Follow along with ZBrush artist, Sebastien Legrain as he demonstrates projecting detail onto architectural structures.

If you are new to ZBrush, you'll benefit from having Sebastien take you on a step by step journey through the particulars of using the Projection Master plug-in.

Video Lessons
Sebastien Legrain Intro 
Follow along with industry professional Sebastien, as he guides you through the design process with Projection Master.
Sebastien Legrain Part 1 
An introduction to Projection Master with ZBrush artist Sebastien Legrain.
Sebastien Legrain Part 2 
Basic operations and the building blocks of architectural structures and hard surface modeling using ZBrush.
Sebastien Legrain Part 3 
Adapting the shape and structure of your models. Use masking, scaling and transpose to make global changes to your models.
Sebastien Legrain Part 4 
Creating arches and complex shapes using Projection Master with varying degrees of symmetry.
Sebastien Legrain Part 5 
A look at creating complex surface details for your 3d models. Taking the masking and transposing functions further.
Sebastien Legrain Part 6 
Combining all the components built in this series to create one architectural structure. This video concludes the series.

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