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Shadowbox represents another level of artistic freedom. We'll see how to take advantage of drawing out your geometric shapes and bringing them to life. Shadowbox will allow you to draw out a mask, and generate 3d geometry from the shapes you have drawn. Taking advantage of inverting and varying your application of masking, will result in complex component parts created in a fraction of the time.

The world of 3D is only a click away.

Video Lessons
Intro To Shadowbox 
Take masking information and generate 3d geometry inside Shadowbox.
Shadowbox Basics 
Learn the basics of drawing, designing, and generating 3d geometry using the various Shadowbox resolutions.
Shadowbox With Alphas 
Use Alphas to generate interesting design elements and watch them transform into 3d assets right before your eyes.
Shadowbox and Clip Brushes 
Use the Clipping Brushes inside Shadowbox to develop even more complex shapes.
Shadowbox With Masks 
By using masking and inverse masking, you'll gain the power of creating even more detailed component parts for your models or a complex foundation for your next big creation.
Shadowbox Resolutions 
Explore the available resolution parameters inside Shadowbox. Learn which resolution is right for you.

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