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Experience an unprecedented level of control in your ability to texture and paint your models. Watch as Spotlight helps shape your textural and sculpting work. You'll see how to manipulate photos faster and more efficiently, and learn how to use these images to generate more detail on your models.

This series will also show you how Spotlight will access and allow you to download images from the web while staying inside ZBrush.

Video Lessons
Import and Save 
See how to import and save the various files and formats compatible with ZBrush.
Control the opacity of your images for use with sculpting and texturing your 3d models.
Rotate, Scale, and Move 
See how to import and save the various files and formats compatible with ZBrush.
Manage your photo files inside Spotlight.
Front Back 
Move images in virtual space from foreground to background and vice versa.
Discard unnecessary images for editing purposes.
Flip Image 
Navigate inside the Spotlight wheel and flip your images.
Generate a tiled appearance with your images.
Manipulate the image with the nudge function, and open up a world of new creative possibilities.
Select sections of one texture or image and apply that region to another image or texture.
See how to import and save the various files and formats compatible with ZBrush.
Learn to smudge images to achieve creative design elements.
Modulate the contrast of your Spotlight pictures or texture files.
The saturation of your images is editable, and controlled from within the Spotlight wheel.
Experience complete control over Hue settings associated with your downloaded image.
Control the intensity of your desired image inside Spotlight.
Mask out, and adapt images to generate painting information for use on your models or in environments.
Use your edited photos or textures, to Polypaint information onto your models.
Images inside Spotlight can be used to produce sculptural details on your models.
Overlap, and fade images to seamlessly integrate design elements from multiple images.
The Pin function will hold your loaded Spotlight image in place while you work.
It's like having your own green screen. You can isolate elements for use in creating your next masterpiece.

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