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Timeline Posing and Blend Shapes
Discover a powerful way to document your design process, animate your scene, environment and characters. With blend shape capabilities and timeline posing, you can effectively use ZBrush to pre-visualize sequences for animation, and produce gestural set-ups for characters and environments. With this series of lessons, we'll discover how to maximize the functionality of these powerful features inside ZBrush.

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Video Lessons
Animate Expose 
Demonstrate the intricacy of complex 3d models with the animate expose functionality. Showcase your work in a dynamic way.
Use the power of ZBrush to create key frame segments for presentations, or for demonstrating various iterations of your projects.
Mannequins Part 1 
Pose, and set the stage for creativity. Discover the basics of working with this valuable resource.
Mannequins Part 2 
Go beyond the basics and develop custom meshes to increase your creative potential.

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