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Famous since their introduction, ZSpheres will give you the ability to make the most complex design dreams a reality. With the artistic freedom of using ZSpheres, you'll have the capacity to create simple to highly complex armatures and basemeshes for your sculptural projects. Taking full advantage of enhancements made over time, you'll also learn about using Mannequins inside ZBrush.

Video Lessons
An introductory video showing you the numerous possibilities of what ZSperes can do for you.
Sketch Brush 
An introduction to the variations in sketch brushes while ZSketching.
Learn to optimize the distribution of your ZSpheres while sculpting.
Learn how to take your ZSketch and bind it to a ZSphere rig for posing options.
Here, we'll showcase the smooth brush while in ZSketch mode.
Straight Lines 
Pose, and set the stage for creativity. Discover the basics of working with this valuable resource.
Armature Brush 
Here you will learn how to control the direction of your ZSketching by using the Armature Brush.
This video will cover using the bulge brush to actively manipulate the surface of your ZSketches.
Using these brushes for controlled strokes while ZSketching.
Unified Skin 
This video provides an introduction to previewing the mesh that will result from your ZSketching.
Adaptive Skin 
Preview your mesh in both ZSphere and adaptive skin mode. You can easily shift from either view with the click of a button.
Mannequins Part 1 
Use Mannequins to arrange your composition and preview the effects of lighting. This video looks at the basics.
Mannequins Part 2 
Take your understanding of Mannequins further in the second part of our study of Mannequins.

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