ZBrush Tutorial- Simon Blanc’s No More Wine



Pixologic is proud to introduce an amazing tutorial from Blur Studios artist Simon Blanc. Simon’s image No More Wine has been an inspiration for everyone on ZBrushCentral. In this tutorial Simon will demonstrate how he uses ZSpheres to create his magical image. This tutorial will capture your imagination and really show how powerful ZBrush is for a sculptor such as Simon Blanc.

Click Here To View the Video

Enjoy the create tricks and tips of Simon Blanc.

The Pixologic Team

4 Responses

  1. Hello?

    I’m korean.

    Please also understand that the sentence needs work.

    google translator was used. ^ _ ^ V

    I am your “no ~ more ~ wine move” has a good view.

    This is one kind of question.

    That was used to put on my lips wrinkles ..

    How do I brush?

    “Daniel Brush?” He heard the description ..

    It is a great brush.

    Please .. How to create, or let me know where to download receives.

    Please, do not ignore my question ~

    Is very curious.

    Thank you.

    Please reply.! Please.

  2. Where are those other parts of tutorials?
    Its still missing some important steps but I bet it is hopeless since i saw those tutorials were post in 2009.

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