Action Hero Contest at the Gnomon Gallery

Action Hero Gallery

Pixologic is proud to announce on June 6th of 2009 there will be a display of Action Hero’s at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood California. This gallery will consist of 20 2D Prints along with 6 3D Prints from Offload Studios from the Action Hero Contest. There will also be several Action Hero Contestants live at the event showcasing there most recent work on their hero. All are invited to attend and meet with Action Hero Contestants:


Matt Berenty
Esequiel Garcia
Chris Moffitt
Konrad Kielczykowski
Cameron Farn
Martin Beyer
John Cherevka

Axiotron will also be in attendance with their Modbook to show how fast you can sculpt in ZBrush. NextEngine will be present sharing their scanner for all to see. I encourage you not to miss out on this event. More information can be found at the follow links:

ZBrushCentral Post

Gnomon Gallery

Come join us.

The Pixologic Team

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