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GoZ breaks down the walls of importing/exporting into other applications. GoZ will give the artist an one click feature that will send all displacement maps, normal maps, texture maps, and geometry from ZBrush into other applications. Currently GoZ works with Maya, Modo, and Cinema4D with many more to come. With this tool you can will be released from the technical equation of figuring out those map settings that we are all so eager to work with as an artist.

To discover more about GoZ and watch a video:


Your Pixologic Team

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  1. Hey Pixologic,
    Lots of ZBrush goodness happening right now, THANKS! I know that you folks are working furiously on ZB4, but can you let us know when you have expanded the applications available to GoZBrush? I can’t wait to get this functionallity for Lightwave 9.6/Lightwave Core.
    Again thanks heaps!

  2. Hello Gary

    There is no set date yet for making GoZ work with every application on the market but Lightwave is on the list. We appreciate you visiting the blog and ask just to keep an eye on the blog for the GoZ updates. Thank you for all the support to Pixologic.

    Your Pixologic Team

  3. OMG!!!! This looks great!!!! Cant wait to see a Lightwave update.
    Great work guys you have really out done yourselves with this one.

  4. Heh, just found this older announcement when googling for information on Lightwave and GoZ. πŸ™‚
    Hopefully Lightwave is still getting that GoZ support.

  5. I also hope that Lightwave will get the GoZ Support. I’m really looking forward to it, and hope that it will deliver with ZBrush 4.0

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