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Spotlight and Lightbox are two new features that will be in the upcoming ZBrush4 release. Spotlight will give you live  interaction with images directly onto your model for use as texture, sculpting, and references. Have the power to search billions of images with Lightbox all within ZBrush’s interface. With these two new features in ZBrush4 the artist will have a workflow that truly makes them feel like they have the world at their finger tips. The only thing left for you is imagination.

Click on the link below to watch a video and learn more:


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  1. I thought it was a little confusing on opening up the spotlight in Zbrush 4R2. At first the spotlight .zsl seems to be missing. You have to add a texture first by double clicking then go to the Texture palette and click Add To Spotlight. Then you should be able to open up the spotlight. Its a great tool so I hope no one else encounters the problem.

  2. Sadly my Zbrush dosen’t shows the Spotlight button when required… when i import the JPG file it dosen’t appears…..
    please if someone have an solution for my issue contact me by email… [email protected]

  3. Press the “,” key to open it. You also have the corresponding button on the left of the Edit button.

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