ZBrush 4 Part 1: ZBrush Rigging with a Single Subtool

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The rigging tools with in ZBrush are an extremely useful tool that will not only allow you to pose a character but you can also use the rig to make large changes to any mesh.

This video is Part 1 of a multiple part video section on Rigging in ZBrush. This video will walk you through how to create a rig in ZBrush quickly, efficiently, and as easy as it can get. Part 1 will start with rigging a single Subtool with other videos to follow on rigging with multiple Subtools, using layers and using the Timeline feature.

This video also demonstrates how you can capture the highest level of detail from the sculpt onto the rigged version of the sculpt.

These will be an exciting serious of videos that I know will open up your imagination on how to rig with ZBrush.


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  1. Brilliant! I was able to stop the video above by simply clicking on it. I couldn’t figure out how to back up the video, but I was able to simulate everything that was shown up until the BIND phase. I really enjoyed getting a feel for the ZSpheres! The “CAP” term that was used confused me a bit, but after a bit of playing around, I realized all I had to do was be in EDIT mode and click on any part of the rig to create the CAP. Now I have to watch the video again several times to figure out terms and actions like, “Getting into SOLO mode,” “HOW TO BIND,” … because I’m unable to bind the rig to the human body.

  2. Not a bad video BUT you mumble a bit and its hard to tell what modes your in when you say them because of it, perhaps because you try to talk fast? Anyhow I really did NOT get your bit on how to transfer or maybe more correctly put your rig into your HIGH DEF MESH? A bit to vague there, perhaps you’d care to clarifiy? Otherwise I do thank you for taking the time to try and teach us. Also you video two seems to mirror this one maybe you can cut the repeat stuff and get to the differences in video two? *cheers*

  3. Do you have a printed version of Zbrush rigging with a single tool? Some of us need to be able to read and refer back to a particular step. Otherwise it was a fine report. Thanks.

  4. Nice video helped a lot, but lost you near end with final steps 1-2-3 Shift, A and touch the mesh – worked fine on the single tool but couldn’t get the sub tool clothes back on. Thanks

  5. Thanks for this video! I am getting different results in my mesh. There is no blending between bones. I am getting abrupt sheers on the mesh when I pose. Is there something I am missing or is the software buggy? Thanks,

  6. Kevin.. It could be you don’t have enough ZSpheres in between the points of movement. I would recommend putting a few images up on ZBrushCentral so people can see what’s happening to you.

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