ZBrush User Stories: Killzone 3


Bring on the big guns!

Just a few days ago, Guerrilla Games released its newest and highly anticipated installment in the Killzone series. Developed for the PlayStation 3, this first-person shooter features eye-popping visuals that have resulted in the game being described by IGN as, “easily one of the best looking games on any current platform, and makes war-torn worlds look beautiful.”

The ZBrush artists at Guerrilla Games have been excited to share their work with the community at the earliest opportunity! We spoke with Senior Character Artist Rudy Massar along with Art and Animation Director Jan-Bart van Beek, who share great info about their work on this game. They also share enough ZBrush screens and high-resolution artwork to trigger an international incident. (We’re kidding here. Mostly!)

If you’re a fan of the Killzone series you’re going to love this interview. But even if you haven’t been following the game, ZBrush enthusiasts everywhere are sure to find something of note!

Read the interview HERE.

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