ZBrush artist Rick Baker wins 7th Oscar® Academy Award!


Congratulations from all of us at Pixologic to our long-standing friend and fellow ZBrush artist, Rick Baker!

Rick Baker (A.K.A ‘monstermaker’ on ZBC) and Dave Elsey won the Oscar® for makeup at the 83rd Academy Awards for their work on the film ‘’The Wolfman”. This is Rick’s 12th Oscar® nomination and seventh win!

Watch a video interview with Rick in which he shares his thoughts on ZBrush HERE

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  1. Congratulation to Rick Baker …………

    I want to learn and learn from your works……..

    Surajit Sen

  2. Congratulations Rick!!!!

    You’re a freaking genius, I’ve seen your posts on zBrush central and man you’re good, does notsurprises me you’re working in zBrush, I can see it totally fit your creative mind.

    Way to go Rick!!!

    -Chris Bell

  3. It’s truely amazing that the same software the professionals such as these two use, is the same one that us “peasents” also have access to! These two are an inspiration to everybody who uses zBrush!

  4. Hi…Zrush stands above all the other 3d applications in highly detailed 3d modeling and texturing. And I like the production pipeline it supports..so no wonder why 3d artists find it the number 1 tool for high-end modeling. This is a great achievement…and Rick you have made eyes of the world turn towards you and ZBrush as well..You are an inspiring genius..keep up the good work!

    – Kelum Jayasinghe / Sri Lanka

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