Sculpting a Catwoman Base Mesh

Ryan Kingslien of ZBrush Workshops takes you through his steps to create a Catwoman base mesh for the latest ZBrush Workshops’ Sculpting Challenge. The 3 videos available on YouTube begin with a ZSphere frame and show you how to sculpt in a muscular feminine form with accuracy and style. Definitely watch these videos if you want to beef-up on your surface muscle anatomy!

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  1. This is brilliant, great techniques, very well explained, it seems more like artist oriented I`d like more about the advance zbrush features as the rigging with multiple tools or how to avoid that the mesh create horrible holes or region on the mesh where the polygons simple collapse. Or how to relax the polygons and distribute better on the surface and finally how to make extra polygon when you stretch an area as sculpturix already does.

    are there any good dvd that explain a full work from the beginning to the end maybe with a good rigging explanation with dressed character.


    Again great great Job

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