Our Day with the Creators of Robot Chicken and Super Mansion

Stoopid Lead In

Stoopid Buddy Studios is known for top notch stop motion animation productions including Seth Green’s Robot Chicken on Adult Swim, numerous ad spots and most recently, Super Mansion starring Bryan Cranston on Crackle. Recently, the Pixologic crew had the privilege of visiting the Stoopid Buddy headquarters to meet their team and see how they are using ZBrush and 3D printing in their pipeline. We all had a great time checking out the sets and character models all while getting an inside look at their creation process which now includes creating models digitally in ZBrush which are then 3D printed on an Envisiontec Perfactory 4 printer with incredible detail and precision. This process is an evolution of their original practically sculpted character models. Turnaround times and quality have both improved as a result of implementing digital sculpting and we here at Pixologic are proud to see ZBrush helping to make some of our favorite shows even better!

We were fortunate enough to have a full interview with Stoopid Buddy Director of Digital Design Tommy Keiser, which you can read here

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