The Stars of the New Film ‘Everest’ Include ZBrush Modeled Mountains

Everest Lead In

September 2015’s release of Everest took viewers to the top of the world. As is mentioned in the trailer, human beings aren’t equipped to function at the cruising altitude of a 747. That includes actors! For that matter, most film equipment is out of the question in such locations because it’s either too big and cumbersome to get into place or can’t handle the harsh conditions. For all of these reasons, it obviously wasn’t possible to film on location! The solution was to turn to digital magic and Petur Arnorsson was brought in by RVX to figure out the pipeline and work as a lead modeler.

As you might have guessed there was a lot of environment work in Everest. ZBrush played a major role in the production of the movie.

ZBrush was heavily utilized and so we spoke with Petur to get more information about the process. You can read the full interview and see exclusive behind the scenes pictures and ZBrush models here

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